Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to our castles webquest!

Welcome to our castles webquest!

This is a webquest created for the students at IES Cristóbal Colón,
in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Our school is taking part in a common project, Medievópolis,
which consists of creating a castle.
Besides, each Department will design specific activities related to this topic.

This webquest is one of the activities proposed by the English Department.

We hope you enjoy it!

Ready, steady, go!

Viva la Vida!

Listen to Coldplay
and fill in the gaps
with the words in bold:

would - king - singing - world (2) - blew - head - used - mornings
     couldn't - streets  - sound - ringing - walls - eyes - cannot

I used to rule the 1__________
seas would rise when I gave the word
now in the 2__________ I sweep alone
sweep the 3__________ I used to own
I 4___________ to roll the dice
feel the fear in my enemy's 5 __________
listen as the crowd 6___________ sing:
now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”
One minute I held the key
next the 7 __________ were closed on me
and I discovered that my castles stand
upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand.

I hear Jerusalem bells are 8 __________
Roman cavalry choirs are 9 __________
be my mirror my sword and shield
my missionaries in a foreign field
for some reason I 10_________ explain
once you go there was never, never an honest word
that was when I ruled the 11 _____________

It was the wicked and wild wind
12__________ down the doors to let me in
shattered windows and the 13 _________ of drums
people 14 ________ believe what I'd become
revolutionaries wait
for my 15 ________ on a silver plate
just a puppet on a lonely string
oh who would ever want to be 16 __________ ?


A bit of Castle History

Image from

As you have seen in Viva la Vida by Coldplay,
there are many words related to castles.

Can you identify them?
Can you think of some others?

Yes? Well done!

And about history?
What do you know about castles history?

Here you are some links to know a bit more about castle history.
Click, learn and enjoy it!

The Castle of King Edward

But how were castles exactly in Britain?
And what was life like in a castle?

Click here and discover it!

           FAN148.jpg (39086 bytes)

Some Questions about Castles

Now it's your turn.

Work in groups of 4.

Click here and answer the following questions:

1. Draw a picture of this castle and label the different parts.

2. Name two birds that appear in the castle.

3. Name three food items present in the kitchen.

4. Who guards the dungeon? What's his name?

5. Who live in the Great Tower? Name the three groups.

6. Can you help this knight to put his armour on? Click here and try!  

7. What's the name of the castle entrance?

8. Who is Father Pellam?

9. What are Illuminated Manuscripts?
Try writing your name like this.
Do you need some help with the letters? Click here.

10. What's the Great Hall?

12. Who is Lucy?

Our Students' Best Works

Some Illuminated Names:

Well done!

Build your Own Castle

As the end of the project,
try building your own castle!

You will need:
  • scissors.
  • cardboard.
  • paper.
  • glue.
  • pens and pencils.
Make your own castle

Click here to follow the steps
good luck!

I hope you had a good time!